Comments on My Book Talks

"I have long been fascinated by the kayaking experience described by friends, but never had the time to be trained and to dedicate to practice. Having loved the sailing experiences over the years because of the peace on the water vs the motor boating in my family, I thought canoeing or kayaking might be just what I would enjoy. I fully enjoyed your talk and really look forward to reading your book. As a former college writing teacher, I commend your effort and am sure your teacher would be very proud of you too!”   Jeanne D.

"We all enjoyed your stories and sense of humor!!  My friend David admitted he attended as a favor to me......AND he came away so pleased that he immediately ordered your book on his autograph though!  He is looking forward to your next book too!  He is a scuba diving instructor and he admitted he knows what a dry suit is!  He also said he is positive he will never kayak...not enough coordination or courage!  Our "dominoes" group had lunch together and chatted about all your adventures.  You gave the six of us a nice way to spend the afternoon!  I was very proud that you are my friend.”  Pat G.

"It was a pleasure to listen to your stories.  Animation has a lot to say for itself.”  Chuck 

"Don, I wanted to reply to your Christmas card in which you fretted over upcoming signings etc. of your book.  Just wanted to say I KNOW you’ll do great!  You are a charming, friendly, likable person and your book portrays that.  For me, I especially learned about camaraderie among men, something I never really saw or knew about.  Beautiful!  Go Don!  People will enjoy hearing you talk about your book!  I’ll be sending you caring thoughts!”  Susan


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