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In December 2018, I was interviewed by Ilene Price, an award winning kayak blogger.  Here is a sample of that interview.

1) What’s your first memory in a kayak?

        I have an old memory of riding in a neighbor’s Klepper folding
kayak that had been converted to sail. That was a long time ago when I was about six. My first real experience with kayaking came in 1995 when, on a lark, Lisa and I registered for a three day wilderness kayaking trip off the coast of Maine. We had never been in a kayak before. We paddled from Castine, camping on two different offshore islands before ending our trip in Bar Harbor. Our group consisted of an older couple of experienced paddlers and our guide. We paddled 21 foot fiberglass Wilderness Systems tandem cockpit boats. They were big, stable and very heavy. We were obviously novice paddlers, only using our arms and chest muscles on those 10 and 15 mile passages on the ocean. We hurt a lot, but we loved it and the whole experience. We haven’t been interested
in another type of boat since.

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